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6 Delicacies of Parsi World

Parsi food is the authentic food of Parsi’s in India who migrated from Iran, long ago. In this article, we are giving a glimpse of Parsi cuisine and after this your stomach would surely grumble for this cuisine.

The jewels of Parsi cuisine are as follows:

  1. Dhansak: A must have dish at every occasion be it small function or a larger gathering, this lentil spiced dish which is slowing simmered on the stove along with mutton, chicken and vegetables. It is often served with white steamed rice though it is complete meal in itself.


  1. Jardaloo Sali Marghi: This is more than 1000 year old delicacy of Parsi world which is cooked with apricots and in the end garnished with potato straws. Don’t get critical about the name as the taste of this dish is outstanding. It got its name from the deep fried potato straws which are served along with it. This is slowly cooked spiced chicken curry of Parsi tradition. In the end it is served with deep fried potato wedges along with lemon slices.

Jardaloo Sali Marghi

  1. Haleem: It is a popular stew in Middle East, Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent. It is lentil based stew with is cooked along with mutton or chicken. The secret ingredient in this is rose water and dried rose flower petals which make this dish a special. It is not a dish which is cooked on the day today basis but it is an exclusive soulful dish cooked on special occasions. Haleem is cooked for around 8 hours and generous addition of pure ghee is seen.


  1. Patrani Ni Macchi : It is extremely easy and succulent Parsi dish. This is fine example of fusion food between Parsi and Maharashtra in. The application of green spiced chutney and then it is carefully wrapped in the banana leaves and steamed for 15 minutes. The results are heavenly indeed.

Patrani Ni Macchi

  1. Margi Na Farcha: These are crispy chicken fried dumplings with the covering of breadcrumbs. The dip with this is goey curd dip or cream based, both are amazing in this winters.

Margi Na Farcha

  1. Parsi Sali Keema : A delicious lamb mince cooked delicately over the slow fire along with the key ingredients. It is warm and the slow cooking retains the tastes and flavours.

Parsi Sali Keema

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