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6 Ice Cream Which You Can Try This Summer on Your Next Date

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… ice cream in the summer. It is one of the best way to beat down summers. Well, apart from having the regulars which we get from, vendors. You can also visit to a ice-cream parlor with your girlfriend to heat up your relationship with cold and chilled ice-cream. Here we will help you in choosing your six best scoops. Starting from…

Cherry Ice Cream is good when it is homemade but you can get it from nearest parlor or cafe. With the chilled taste of cherries and sweet taste of milk cream makes it best on the list. It just melts down as soon it goes in your mouth.

Cherry Ice Cream
(Pic Source : Erren’s Kitchen)

Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream well, combination of ice-cream and chocolates are nothing new, but this one is one of those special which was only created for make you fall in love again with your ice-cream as well your girlfriend. Full of nuts and other special dry fruits make is more tastier than any other ice-cream.

Belgian chocolate ice cream
(Pic Source : dk.pinterest.com)

Strawberry sundae with whipped cream vanilla filled with strawberries with sweet taste. It is addictive as cocaine but it looks as cute as good it tastes.

It is also considered as sweet poison in the  ice-cream world.

Strawberry sundae with whipped cream
(Pic Source : Imenno.ru)

Chocolate Ice Cream With Condensed Milk, directly banging in your mouth. This one is the king of its own kind. No other ice-cream in the segment of chocolate can be better than this one. This gives the feeling of heaven’s in your mouth.

Chocolate Ice Cream With Condensed Milk
(Pic Source : Yummy Recipes)

Strawberry Mango Pallets ice cream- Summers is incomplete without mangoes and when you get the taste of mango in you ice-cream, i am sure it is enough to convince you to kill somebody for this delicious chilled taste. This one gives you the perfect taste of mangoes in your ice-cream.

Strawberry Mango Pallets ice cream
(Pic Source : Leckerschmecker)

Brownie Ice Cream Sundae Trifle, one of the yummiest ice-cream , this can be explained as: it is a old guy who lives a life of a young person. This one is the oldest format of ice-cream, but works every time you try it.

Brownie Ice Cream Sundae Trifle
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Now as your list is ready, now rush to the nearest ice-cream lounge, with your beloved one and have some quality time and also lets have a look on some of the best summer drinks.

Don’t forget to tell us, how helpful we were in your date? In the comment box. Share your stories with us and we will feature your stories.

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