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6 Simple Summer Rules for Your Beauty Regime

Warmer weather or summers is officially here and in the whole world it brings heat waves. For summers, we have to adapt a new beauty regime and it has to be planned so what’s your beauty regime like.

Let’s have some tips from us:

1. Get Glowing, Healthy Skin Naturally

In summers, instantaneously your skin glows and it is due to Vitamin D but that doesn’t mean, you should not be applying sunscreens. Use sunscreen of SPF 30 with moisture as summers also quickly dry out the skin.

Glowing, Healthy Skin Naturally
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2. For Perfect Beach Hairs

In summers, people rush into one place, that is beach and cool waves provide respite from the summer heat. So, for the amazing cool summer hairs, apply some sea salt beach spray. It will provide texture and style to your hairs. Do check the salt sprays have salt in the ingredients list to get the desired results.

Beach Hairs
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3. Reapplying SPF

In summers, keep one thing in mind to apply SPF and one more thing to reapply SPF as it washes off with the sweat easily. Put that sunscreen bottle in your purse once you go out in the sun.

Reapplying SPF
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4. Umbrella

Remember Rihanna’s song, Umbrella, she was using it when it was raining but umbrella provides respite in the scorching summer heat too. Apart from SPF, it is also must have as it blocks the direct sun rays which can damage your face and health both.

So happy summers for the umbrella girl…

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5. Exfoliate

When we are in summers, it adds up the debris to our skin and if you want your skin to really shine then exfoliate. Legs and feet areas are mostly exposed in the summer season so try and exfoliate them in couple of days if possible.

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6. Adding Bit of Blonde to Your Hairstyle

The more time you spend outside, your locks are lighten. So you can match your natural blonding with the some butter blonde locks. Go for a professional hair stylish and never try at home as it can damage your hairs.

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