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6 Top Most Secrets on the Earth

We live on planet Earth but don’t know about most of the secrets of the planet. Almost all the humans have not been able to cover the places only 3 to 4 countries, at the most 10 countries and how many of us know the other secrets also like some of the secret organization or some hideous facts. We gathered some secrets for you, which will leave in bewilderment, that they exist or not?

  1. ADX Florence Prison – Home of the World’s Most Dangerous Men

This place exists and it the house of the world’s most deadly men. A cleaner version of hell “as per them and the cameras are not allowed in this Prison. It has some of the world’s notorious inmates, Unabomber – an Al-Qaeda supposed hijacker, the Shoe Bomber, Olympic Park Bomber and the mastermind of World Trade Centre Bomber which happened in 1993. The description of prison cell is, it is a small cell with a shower, a tiny stool / desk, a pure concrete bed and 4 inch window and the solitude. The place is silent, no sounds, no whispers or no voice.

ADX Florence Prison
(Pic Source – DailyMail)
  1. Queen’s Elizabeth II Bedroom – Buckingham Palace

The bedroom of the Queen Elizabeth II is like a magical room in the palace of dreams, she lives in many suited in the East Wing of Buckingham Palace and the Queen goes to her suites from the secret room but the Buckingham palace authorities never give a description of the rooms. During public hours one, the common public can visit only 19 rooms of the Buckingham’s Palace but the residence quarters of the King and Queen is never seen from the public eye.

Queen’s Elizabeth II Bedroom Buckingham Palace
(Pic Source – Huffington Post)
  1. Cicada 3301

It is secret organization that hires people by the complex puzzles and the alternate reality games and no one knows the place. One of the speculation is they hire code breakers but Where, some say it is an underground organization and some say it is their ideology to work in secret and they only want to deliver the message or work. Cicada 3301 posts complex puzzles, one of the most intelligent puzzles worlds has ever seen.

Cicada 3301
(Pic Source – YouTube)
  1. Iron Mountain

It is also the world’s most secretive places; the place is guarded by 8 Security guards which are holding AR-15s, it has world’s most precious treasures and it is called Iron Mountain. To reach to the exact place, one needs to go 22 stories deep in the earth’s surface. Its location Dighton, Massachusetts was once a missile storage place for the world’s database and they say the data of Fortune 500 Company is stored here and this place can survive any type of terrorist activities like nuclear attack too.

Iron Mountain
(Pic Source – ExitHub)
  1. Where Secret Recipe of Coca Cola is placed

Consumption of more than 1.8 billion across 200 countries in the world, according to one study it is “The World’s most valuable Brand”.

A bit about the recipe is that it contains cola nuts and cola leaves but nothing more than but the complete secret recipe is not public. The formula of Coca Cola was invented by John Stitch Pemberton in 1886, he was an American pharmacist in 1886. It was collaborated by the Asa Candler’s son in 1919 and he sold  the company and placed in the vault, formula was transferred to Guaranty Bank , New York in 1919, and then it was transferred to Atlanta in 1925 and until 2012, it was in the Sun Trust Bank.

However, the secret recipe is on display in the Coca Cola Museum but it is only a black box and inside it a original document by the Asa Candler’s son in 1991.

Where Secret Recipe of Coca Cola is placed
(Pic Source – Gizmodo)
  1. The Tomb of Genghis Khan

It is said that one in 200 men is heredity relative of Genghis Khan, greatest commander of all time. He started from the small tribe in Mongolia and then to become the biggest commander in the history.

The Tomb of Genghis Khan
(Pic Source – Pinterest)

But till now, his resting place is unknown and that’s strict accordance to the traditions of Mongolia. They have a legend , if the resting place is unknown , the soul is protected and they say all the 2000 people who attended his funeral were massacred and ground has galloping of horses for months. Last nail in the coffin, they diverted the river over the Tomb.

Now after much research by the Dr Albert Yu- Min Lin from University of California has claimed that the tomb of Genghis Khan is located near sacred mountain, “Burkan Khaldun”, but the mystery of his Tomb is still there.

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