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7 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Your phone is more than just a gadget. It is a part of your life you can’t imagine to live without.
Here’s a list of some apps that you can keep on your phone to make your life easier with your phone in it.

1. Habitica (free, iOS, Android) is a task manager that feels more like a ~game~ than a daunting chore list.

2. Clue (free, iOS, Android) is a period tracker that predicts when your next period is coming so you don’t have to hold a funeral for your fave pair of undies.

3. Dark Sky is a weather app with startling accuracy, its interface tells you things like: “Light rain starting in 22 minutes.” It also shows you beautiful weather maps that let you play local-news weather expert.

4. Think Dirty tells you exactly what’s in the personal care product you’re about to buy. You scan the barcode, and it shares information about potentially harmful ingredients (and gives alternatives, if you want them). It’s useful for fact-checking label claims like “all-natural” and “organic.”

5. Mealime (free, iOS, Android) is a meal-planning app that helps you cook something healthy without spending five hours doing it.

6. Evernote  has become the standard among productivity apps and digital notebooks. Evernote collects everything you want to remember in one streamlined platform that’s with you wherever you go. Create a note, scan a handwritten note or “clip” a web link and save it within a larger notebook or tag that you can then search for and access across all of your devices.

7. Headspace can be your guide if you have trouble blocking out the noise and finding some peace, Headspace can be your guide. Wall Street executives, Olympic athletes and moguls from Richard Branson to Arianna Huffington are already among the app’s more than 10 million users worldwide.

Now that you’ve freed up some screen space (and possibly even your data plan!), let these apps help you kick start a new habit and make the most of your time.

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