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7 Best Ways to Propose on Propose Day

Singles will be proposing on this day and the couples we will strengthen their vows. On the second day, of the Valentine Week, incidentally it is called Propose Day also. You can express your feelings on this day; it can be acceptation and rejection too, so don’t be disheartened as it is not the end of the world and don’t be elated too.

Here we have list down some of the ways in which you can propose a girl:

Be Yourself: Don’t try impersonating anyone but just being yourself and expressing your feelings. Don’t overdo your proposal and just keep it simple, sweet and heartwarming. Be creative and just try to think some more ways to say those three Golden Words.

(Pic Source - Dan & Lynn)
(Pic Source – Dan & Lynn)

Dinner: A well organized dinner and a reserved table along with a candle lit ambience. Propose your girl, she will be floored. It is one of the most perfect scenes for proposing a girl. It will pave way for future romance also.

(Pic Source - Wedding Wish)
(Pic Source – Wedding Wish)

Place you both first met: It is going to be one of the most amazing feelings, for her as she will overwhelm that you still remember that. Try to recreate that ambience. It is also one of the most romantic ways of proposing.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Piktochart)

During Movie Break: Take her for a movie and propose her during that. She will be thrilled and happy for that. This is a very romantic way of proposing a girl.

(Pic Source - Trick Affair)
(Pic Source – Trick Affair)

T-Shirt Proposal: Get a t-shirt and write “will you marry me” or “do you love me” . On this day, wear this t-shirt and a jacket over it and then in the middle of lunch or dinner, down on your knees and remove jacket and say “I want to be with you always and here is the reason”.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Etsy)

Radio Proposal: Girls love brave guys and guys who can stand for their love, so the “Radio Proposal” is a perfect idea. See her preference time for the radio listening and if she listens it every day, then it is best way to propose. This is going to be a really charming affair. Can you call a local FM and tell the reason and a romantic song.

(Pic Source - Trendy Perks)
(Pic Source – Trendy Perks)

Cake proposal: This is also one of the most romantic ways of proposing the girl. Make a box type on the top of the cake and that is from the edible material and place your proposal ring in that and she will cut the cake, she will be surprised and you can romanticize the situation further by giving her a bunch of red roses.

(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)

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