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7 Classic and Creative Pranks on April fool’s Day, You can Play on Your Mates

Science of April fool’s Day

The best pranks you can play, which you can be reminded afterwards during coffee or tea time, that who played what. Pranks are for fun and they are reminder too but never play pranks, that can hurt the feelings of others, always keep that in mind.

So, we got hold of the best pranks one can play on April fool’s day and lined up for you:

  • The Restart Prank

This prank will leave your housemate or workmate puzzled. This works in such manner, that every time they try to click on the chosen icon on their computer, it will shut down.

We are choosing Google chrome here as an example. For this simple go to Google Chrome Shortcut on the computer and select ‘Edit Properties’ on the right side. Go to shortcut and target ,”%windir%system32shutdown.exe-r-t-00”.

chrome restart
(Pic Source : Pianetapc.com)
  • The Oreo Joke

This is also nice prank, which can play; in this you need pack of Oreos and plain white toothpaste. This prank is exclusively for the Oreo lovers and is very simple and easy prank. Open a pack of Oreos and remove the inside cream and then substitute with toothpaste.

And when your friend will bite her favourite cookies, she will have a blast of taste. You can use Vanilla flavor toothpaste in spite of minty ones.

Oreo with Paste
(Pic Source : India.com)
  • The soap with no lather

One can make a fake soap that produces no lather at all. For this, all you need a soap and coat it with nail paint and then place it in the washroom and then see the magic.

Nail Paint on soap
(Pic Source : india.com)
  • Replace the favorite things with the miniature version

There are so many shops that make teeny meeny things, like things for the doll houses. They are small and really affordable, like your friend likes  pizza, cereal or even a computer. Replace their fav with a miniature version.

miniature version
(Pic Source : etsy)
  • Plant a garden in keyboard

This is most creative prank, I have come across and probably in the technology world, and this is perfect too. You just need some grass and plant in the keyboards, but properly wash and dry the grass as might damage the keyboard.

Garden on keyboard
(Pic Source : flickr)
  • Plant a fake bug

This is again creative but does choose a paper made bug for your prank and don’t kill anybody for your pranks. This is, I think the best prank, which I have come across. In this prank, (cockroaches and spiders) work best and you can hear a scream from the road too. You know what I mean ….GRIN ….

(Pic Source : YodoChompo)
  • Attach an air horn to the seat

This is possibly the funniest prank ever, attach an horn to the seat and when your mate will sit on the seat and the Woooooo, horn sound will come and it will shock your mate. This will give a delightful smile of triumph of your FACE..

air horn below the seat
(Pic Source : bored panda)

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