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7 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2017

CES 2017 happened this year and there was so much to share apart from gadgets and that’s why it tough to narrow down everything. It saw so many new startups and many events, but we are showcasing latest gadgets and there is no chronological order for that.

  1. PLUME Labs- Flow: The device to check pollution around you and it is a wearable device as you can wear and check pollution. Whao , sounds nice. What it tracks in pollution, it tracks particulate matter PM 2.5, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature and humidity. One option is to wear this and another simply hand to the bag. It is extremely essential for the people who live in excessively polluted cities.
(Pic Source - VentureBeat))
(Pic Source – VentureBeat))
  1. Griffin Connected Toaster: They say,” SMART IS NEW SEXY “and that applies in food technology also. This smart toaster is the new addition in the food gadgets world and this is also helps to micromanage how toasted your bread is .. Just toss the bread into it and see the toasting can manicured on the both sides of the bread piece.
(Pic Source - Townsville Bulletin)
(Pic Source – Townsville Bulletin)
  1. Kuri Robot : A cute adorable robot made for homes; it is extremely adorable and cute. It is manufactured by Mayfeild Robotics and owned by Bosch. It gives response to the voice inputs, the way other robots devices Amazon echo or Google Home. Kuri is designed to be a companion and assistant.
    The processor on the board is designed to handle the various tasks like voice recognition process and the programming tools for her are IFTTT to expand its feature set.
(Pic Source - Dezeen)
(Pic Source – Dezeen)
  1. Motiv’s Fitness Track Ring : It is made up of Titanium and it enables to track sleep and tracks fitness and moreover it also tracks the steps you walk, your calorie intake and distance. It also has an optical heart sensor and a great back up for battery as it works for 3 to 5 days if charged once.
(Pic Source - gadgets.ndtv.com)
(Pic Source – gadgets.ndtv.com)
  1. Clear Flight Solution Robird – DRONE :On the airports, birds are biggest ordeal and the officials have tough time to clear. This drone of bird helps to clear the airport from the birds and keep aviation safe. Robird is designed in a way that it will mimic a raptor. Robird flies through flapping wings and stirs through the tail. A mimic maniac for the birds on airport is here.
(Pic Source - Twente)
(Pic Source – Twente)
  1. Polaroid Pop: Who doesn’t remember Polaroid pictures, since childhood we have this fancy to have a Polaroid pictures. Now, the company has introduced a Polaroid Pop, a photo printing camera. It has 3.97 inch of touch screen LCD which helps you to see the shot before it develops. In this manner you have a set of prints which are amazing looking.
(Pic Source - Polaroid)
(Pic Source – Polaroid)
  1. Sony Bravia’s Flagship Line: Sony is launching a new series called A1E series and it is a 4K HDR OLED TV. USP of this TV is that it has edge to edge design and is stand less, it stands directly on the ground and has a back leg and leans on it. Sony is introducing new sound technology in this known as Acoustic Surface.
(Pic Source - techcrunch)
(Pic Source – techcrunch)

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