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7 important lessons that every guy must know about a relationship

Relationship indeed is a beautiful thing to happen. When you enter into a relationship, there are expectations from both the sides, time, attention, love, fights, patch ups and many more. There are some things that both the partners should know about a relationship to survive.

Here are 7 lessons that a men should know :

1. Respect her always:

This is something that both the partners expect from each other. Men should always know that a women should be respected, not only because she’s is a women but she’s your partner and you love her of course.

2. Understand her:

It is said that women are complicated. It’s really hard to know what’s happening inside their mind and they usually don’t say anything directly. They want you men to understand them by their actions. To know them without saying anything and this comes with a deep observation and understanding.

3. Don’t make her feel like a chap:

Women are a very dedicated and they give their 100% in whatever they do. Relationship is a thing which becomes really important to them and they apply all theirs efforts in that. So it’s your responsibility to make her feel special and not make her realize that she’s nothing to do and all talking etc etc. Just don’t.

4. Differentiate between expectations and demands:

As I already said every relationship comes with expectations…a lot of expectations. So you should know when those expectations turn into demands. This could be really harmful for a relationship so just don’t let this happen because expectations can be fulfilled but demands can’t get fulfilled always.

5. Behavior changes with time:

When in the stage of being more comfortable with each other, behavior towards the person you love also changes accordingly.

Your partner might start telling you things which she does not like but had to keep with herself as she was not so open with you. So you have to adapt to that.

6. Always support her:

This is a very important part for being in a relationship. Supporting each other is really a lovable gesture as it helps the other person to gain confidence. But remember the wrong and rights okay?

7. Don’t let her dedication effect her self respect:

As I said women are very dedicated and they give their 100% in their relationship. But while doing this she should not effect her self respect unknowingly. So if she loving you unconditionally then it’s your responsibility to take care of her self respect.

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