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7 Motivational Quotes for Monday Blues

When Monday comes after Sunday nobody wants to go to office. What we feel – drained, exhausted and suddenly on Monday morning we start to find meaning of life. The clarity of our life and that’s mind game to distract our mind but this is not the correct way.

Encouragement is required everywhere and on Monday we need punchy line which we can read and head straight to our office.

Read in 1 second and feel brimming with confidence and say “What if they don’t encourage us, we are already encouraged”. This will help you to bring rhythm till next week. One more tip Work Hard as it has no substitute.

  • Do Small Things With Great Love(Pic Source - Google)
  • You are the one to create your own destiny.(Pic Source - Google)
  • I can do it (Pic Source - Google)
  • I can I will (Pic Source - Google)
  • Make Someone Smile Today
  • The Secret of Happiness (Pic Source - Google)
  • Never Quit (Pic Source - Google) All the Pictures used in this article are the courtesy of Google.

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