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7 Reasons One Should Visit Ladakh Once in a Lifetime

When you plan for the trip or adventure, the first place comes to the mind is Ladakh, a place of solitude, a biker’s fantasy and the tranquil atmosphere. You might be skeptical about visiting Ladakh because of its high altitude and remote location… But you know one thing, You should visit Ladakh and here are some good reasons for that..It is now or never for you.

  1. Firstly for the picturesque beauty

It is a plateau, which is entrapped like a fairy in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains, Ladakh is a scenic beauty, which is highland and has a spectral of red, brown, orange and green crystal water bodies. The untouched landscape has some lush green meadows which are mesmersing. Sleep in the stars and see how moon unveiling, Ladakh’s  beauty is indefinable in words..

Ladakh’s Beauty
(Pic Source – Personal Blog of Satish Chandra Satyarth)
  1. Lip Smacking Momos and Thukkpas

Raise your hands if you don’t love momos as I adore them and I know everyone in the world loves momos and that fiery hot chili sauce along with it. One more delicacy is Thukkpas – a corn flour based soup which is in both veg and non veg preparations. Both are traditional Tibetan cuisines.  Imagine this, Indo – Tibetan cuisine and bite of momos along with slurp of hot soup in the lap of nature.

Tibetan Lip Smacking Momos and Thukkpas =
(Pic Source – Alchetron)
  1. Thirdly for the colourful festivals

Ladakh hosts some of the most colourful and vibrant festivals. One is Losar – a New Year festival, Sindhu Darshan – paying homage to river Sindhu, Hemis Tsechu – a cultural extravaganza of Ladakh and many more festivals. They say, these also drive out the evil spirits around you and you can also  enjoy drama, dance and fusions of drums and trumpets. The step dance of the masked Lamas is a rare sight to see. Don’t miss the festivals..

Ladakh Festival
(Pic Source – Explore India )
Ladakh Festival
(Pic Source – Ladakh Tourism Infoline)
  1. Click the phenomenal landscapes

Photographer inside you should be awake from the deep sleep after seeing the phenomenal landscapes. Ladakh has mountainscape, desertscapes and riverscapes, every escape it has which you are looking for. So much you wildlife, cultural, sunsets and sunrises and you shoot some pictures of food too..

 Ladakh Villages
(Pic Source – Shakti Himalaya )
Leh Ladakh Tour
(Pic Source – Musafir )
  1. Spend some time in peaceful Buddhist Monasteries and Gompas

Ladakh is famous for its Buddhist monasteries and Gompas, spend sometime in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere there. You will also see some strange rituals, indigenous attire and lip smacking food. Some of the notable Buddhist monasteries and gompas are Hemis monastery, Mathos Monastery, Stok Monastery and Alchi Monastery.

Thikse Monastery
(Pic Source – Tripoto)
  1. Live in nomadic life and leave the gadgets

For this time, leave all the gadgets and live the nomadic life with basic life around the sparkling blue lake, Pangong Lake.. An overnight camping and a bonfire around the lake.. What a peaceful sights and imagine you are again in the luxury of nature and it is giving you very best of it.

Pangong Tso
(Pic Source – Maps of India )
  1. Conquering the highest trek able mountains and passes

Ladakh has some trek able peaks, Stok Kangri,Nun Kun and Kang Yatse. These are the famous peaks of Ladakh which are trek able. It also has some of the highest passes at 6,000 meters and above, these are the passes for the ancient Indo – China and it was the trade route. At the top of the peak ,see the view which can be described in words…

Chadar Trek Itinerary
(Pic Source – We are Nomads )

Visit Ladakh as it is worth a visit….

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