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7 Skin Care Mistakes for Men – How to Protect Skin Naturally & Artificially

  1. Effects of not applying sunscreen: A study has proved that the population of men expiring from skin cancer is greater than women. Sun can also untimely make you old which is why it’s right time for you to start applying sunscreen carefully. Use sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 on a daily basis. In case you are an athlete or cricketer or field engineer, use it two times in a day.

  1. Applying costly products for style: In opposition to widespread opinion, expensive skincare products are not convertible to superior worth and fine skin. A healthy skin grows out of healthy habits and not from costly beauty products. Purchase a quality product which you believe in or inquire for tried-and-true references. And positively follow it with a hygienic and healthy standard of living.

3. Focus to your skin type:  There are 4 to 5 unique categories of skin types that you must be informed of. It’s significant particularly with reference to which skin products you should or should not use, as some constituents go well with one type of skin and not others. For instance, salicylic acid goes well with oily skin and not dry skin. It is recommended to identify your skin type prior to purchasing and using a product

  1. Way to use oil for oily skin: It could sound useless to apply oil/moisturizer on an existing oily skin, however, it is essential. A moisturizer serves in keeping the exterior of the skin soft and moisturized. In reality, more than moisturizing your skin, the objective of applying a moisturizer for oily skin is about maintaining and correcting the skin’s real moisture.

5. Side effects of touching you face: Continuous touching and placing your hands on face and cheeks throughout the duration of the day lets filth, impurity and dust to accumulate on your skin. This results in pimples and acne. Washing hands regularly and keeping your hands neat & clean will facilitate, but the reality is that skin is forever dirtier than it appears.

  1. Curing your acne by yourself: For pimples and reactions that are distant and little in between, apply non-prescription products. However, if you’re vulnerable to acne and zits, please meet a dermatologist.

  1. Excessive exfoliation: Exfoliation is an essential practice of keeping your skin clean and healthy. It can improve the contexture and color of your skin to a great measure through eliminating the dead skin cells, dirt and dust off your face. On the other hand, exfoliating over two times a week or excessively at one time can disturb and hurt the order of your skin. Your skin will dehydrate and in exchange will counteract by producing oil excessively; which is an indication for pimples and scars.

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