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8 Outfit struggles faced by every Pear Shaped girl.

Having a pear shaped body would a nightmare. Most people don’t know the struggles faced by pear shaped girls.

Here is a list of 8 outfit struggles faced by every pear shaped girl.

1. Wearing a skin tight dress?

Skin tight dress can be a bit struggle for a body shape like this. As it will make your body shape visible and make a bit of your upper part exposed and your enormous lower part.

2. Jeans is a problem here:

Well…I must say that jeans is actually a big problem. You’ll just not get the perfect fitting. Some will get tight at hips and thighs and extremely loose at waist or some will be perfect at hips and thighs and tight at waist. This is a real struggle.

3. Flair dress always works:

Flair dress is a bliss. Pear shape is not always a struggle. Flair dress look flawless on this type of body shape and it also makes your body look perfect.

4. No tight tops:

Tight tops doesn’t do much good to your body. It makes your upper half look very slim according to your lower half, which absolutely shows the pear shape. But you can definitely show off your ass you know 😉

5. Can’t wear a pencil skirt.:

Pencil skirt is kinda perfect fit type of dress, which will extremely show off your lower part and hide your upper part. So it’s your choice anyway. Choose wisely.

6. Balloon top rocks:

Every pear shaped girl should prefer balloon top always . It will suit you much because it makes your body look perfect and the shape looks flawless.

7.  Always visit the tailor:

Visiting the tailor after buying clothes is like a ritual because the perfect size exist. You have to further customize your clothes according to your size and that is absolutely tiring.

8. Even leggings don’t work always:

Idea of replacing your jeans with leggings is a nice idea for perfect fitting. But the problem arises here that it stretches a lot and expose your undergarments underneath-which is not so good looking.


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