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8 things that make you a good Social Stoner

1. Don’t act like a pro:

If you claim to be a pro at smoking then you better act like one. So don’t act like an idiot and be friendly to the people that you’re smoking up with. You be a host or a guest be genuine and welcoming.

2. Don’t be a stereotype:

When you are with people in a smoking environment just don’t be a stereotype. Don’t act like a priest and start giving lectures on how to quit smoking or its good or bad shit. People will probably not like you and you’ll get cut off.

3. Be in control:

While it isn’t physically addicting, weed can be mentally addicting, so don’t let your life revolve around it and be in control.

4. Be chillax:

If you’ve got that high going on, just enjoy it, and do whatever you wanna do to just enjoy yourself. But remember to be in control and don’t trouble others.

5. Don’t force someone:

It’s good that you’re having fun. But there is always a peep who don’t like or don’t want to consume stuff. So it’ll be polite and friendly if you just don’t force him or her, coz it can turn bad sometimes.

6. Be honest about your skills:

You know it’s absolutely fine if you don’t know how to roll a joint, it’s indeed a skill to learn. But if you don’t know how to do it just be honest about it and don’t act like a pro.

7. Guest first:

This is basic common courtesy, really, but it applies to group smoke sessions, too. If you are the host, make your guests feel welcome by offering the first hit.

8. Admit if you’re can’t take it:

Admitting something is absolutely fine. If you can’t smoke more and feeling sick just drop it and rest. No need to feel embarrassed.

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