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8 Ways to Keep Your Girl Super Happy

You have a sweet girlfriend and want to have a long term relationship with her. You probably never want that big eyes welled with the tears and rolling down the cheeks as you always wanna keep her happy.

Here are the 15 incredibly awesome ways to make her happy and believe me, you will also feel content and calm as girls are naturally full of affection and care. You will be surprised that it is very simple to make her happy.

Know the Ways, How to Keep Your Girlfriend Super Happy:

  1. Memories and Gifts: Gifts create moment and girls are very touchy as they will be remembering every day and date you guys met. Gift her often and she will love it. A simple red rose can also do wonders. It can also be bling thing but whatever you bring , gift her whole heartedly.

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  1. Treat Her Like a Princess: The way you treat your girl that matters. There is a saying that,” A man treats women like a princess is the proof that he was born and raised in the arms of queen.” There are simple gestures like opening of the door, helping her in putting her coat and standing up when she come in the room. These are simple things but leave an impression that is long lasting.


  1. When she is with you, she is your world: Don’t ignore your ignore your girlfriend and when she is with you don’t fiddle with mobile or stare at other girls. Second one will be bring you in more trouble. Listen to her conversation and involve her in work. She will feel like special and loved.


  1. Respect her Opinions: When anyone who disrespects you feels miserable and you want to cry and same goes with the shouting part. Never shout on her and try to respect her opinions. Don’t be male chauvinist and think that what she can do. Remember, she is a goddess in her own sense.

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  1. Answer her calls and texts: Girls feel insecure when ignored and the thinking mind gives 100 reasons to suspect you. Text her back and answer her, she wants to talk to you. Be spontaneous and if you return call or text in no time then she will feel confident.


  1. Laugh with her: Crack jokes and make her laugh. A funny guy is worth 100 millions and when she is sad and gloomy, it is your duty Mr. Boyfriend to cheer her up. She will do the same for you. But it is not give and take but love.


  1. Cuddle her: When you both are at home try to come close to her and hug her tightly. Once in a day or in the evening you can do this. Few hugs and kisses will kindle your relationship and it will take a long run in future.


  1. Be Chivalrous: Girls loves to be pampered and your girlfriend is also a girl. So pamper her, buy gifts, take out for candle lit dinners and shop till she drops and see a big wide smile on her face. This attitude of yours will make you true gentlemen. Courteous and comfort will spoil her and you wanna see your girl spoiled by your love.Side profile of a young couple laughing

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