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Make sure this friendship day, teach your younger ones, how you used to have fun on friendship day

When I think of business, I think of investors,
When I think of start-up, I think of friends.  

Fuck!!! This is what I used to think when I was in college. I am jobless, homeless and starving from death, not really but jobless and the homeless part is true.

Friends are God-gift, certainly proving that family is not merely ‘blood’.  There are relationships  which we create in this world on our own rather than inheriting. There are thousands of definition of friendship, and in this Monster media age, few of them are sufficient enough to irritate you. Uncountable meme on the social network and hundred notifications ,  tags popping out every second making you hate your social profiles and friends too.

It is not their mistake as well, they are jobless and I am enlightened enough or unsocial for that matter. Now the thing is how could I get enraged being an antisocial person, getting the ‘’çynic’ vibes? Trust me that is not true at all.

‘ Personally, I  am an introvert and professionally an extrovert’, and yes ambivert is not the term for me because I lack the urge to socialize without a purpose.

Firstly this is a psychological problem, one of its own kind and I think almost every digital media professional who once was an introvert is facing the same problem as me.

(If you are one of them, please contact me, sooner or later we will have to voice our rights as an organization but the thing is who will lead us, we all are introverts, right!! Don’t worry, many of our kind have already evolved as part time extroverts, they will guide us)

Secondly, I meet a lot of people and they add me on their social site profiles to be friends or to follow their activities ( connected through social media and disconnected in social life)  followed by irrelevant tagging.

Coming to point, don’t you think we are now limited to social media for friendship?There was a time we use to go and buy friendship bands, cards, and gifts for our friends on friendship day. The excitement of the day always started with sending messages to your best buddy and making sure you were the first one like you missed his or her birthday. I usually used to forget birthdays so, this day has become some kind of payback for all the crimes we did together and blamed everything on him, whenever got caught by parents. Now what we do on such days is to check our Data pack, nothing more I need to add to justify myself.

We 90’s kids had so much fun in our days, this is proudly we say to the kids of today’s generation, oh we all do, don’t say no, I have proofs in forms of memes. But the point is what kind of benchmarks are we setting for them? Who will teach them the importance of friends and friendship if we proud 90’s are texting to our friends rather than meeting them and getting drunk together like never before?

Bike rides on dad’s bike and branding it as a customized stunt bike and getting rebuked ( i belong to a middle-class family, folks).

It doesn’t matter where do I belong to since friendship is same all over the globe. The warmth of this relationship keeps you alive. Brothers and sisters from another mother who become part of your family and you don’t even realize.

Make sure this friendship day, you sit and talk with them, introduce them to your younger ones and teach them how you used to have fun on friendship day. Tie bands, greet cards, drink and smoke together, order food after midnight and music loud enough to make the cops notice.

Sometimes it is good to be the bad influence on kids. You are their hero, they adore you, let them know how strong you are to back them up that they can talk to you about everything.

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