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A Girl With the Four Hearts And One Artificial, It is Not Less than Miracle

When I met Chloe she was almost dead, a girl struggling for a hopeless fight for survival. For entire life a girl named Chloe Narbonne lived with a weak heart. After diagnosis at very young age of 11, her first heart failed and the reason was her enlarged heart cannot pump blood properly.

Due to her medical condition her life comprised of four hearts, one is artificial.

(Pic Source : the guardian)
(Pic Source : the guardian)

The artificial heart transplant was done only a couple of times in Britain and Chloe was youngest child  to receive that transplant.

Chloe told the leading newspaper in United Kingdom that, ‘Because I had so deteriorated, it was my only lifeline.’ But after few days she again need one more transplant and this time she feels artificial heart is the lifesaver.

When she was in her primary school, her original heart failed and then her heart transplant too failed, this lead doctors to consider the possibility of artificial heart. Now 13, Chloe is back at her home and also attending school in Worcester. She is bubbly, thoughtful and full of smiles though her health is not 100 % but it seems she is full of life and inspiration to all.

(Pic Source : the guardian)
(Pic Source : the guardian)

Her eye is bit impaired due to stroke and right arm trembles but that doesn’t stops her from chasing her dreams. She loves gardening and also learning to play golf.

The best part about Chloe is all smiles and gratitude that she is alive and made a medical history too. It has been almost a year and her artificial heart survived although all odds are against her and she also has severe malfunctioning hearts means she faced death on several occasions. Chloe is miracle and a true survivor I must say…

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