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A Healthy Skin Care Regimen for Acne-Prone Skin

If you have acne that means your pores easily clog and you either have very dry or oily skin, that breaks very easily. Having dehydrated, dry, and oily skin, and acne all at that same time are a difficult combination of problems that seem impossible to handle. But once you understand what’s happening plus which products you need to use (and what products to avoid), you can assemble an ideal skincare routine and start seeing impressive result. Acne affects both women and men indiscriminately. Therefore, they must establish a skin care routine to keep their skin healthy. Here are a few daily guidelines to follow:

Cleanse your skin twice a day (morning and night) using tepid water and a cleanser that is gentle, fragrance-free and suited to your skin type. Avoid using regular soap, which promotes acne. Regular cleansing helps eliminate any surplus of sebum on the skin’s surface.

Avoid rubbing your skin when cleansing it. Lather the cleanser onto your face, rinse adequately, so as not to leave any residue on your skin, and gently tap it dry with a towel.

Limit the use of skin care products such as masks and scrubs to once or twice a week. Excessive use of these products leads to skin irritation and will contribute to ongoing acne.

Use a non comedogenic moisturizer for oily skin. Dehydrated skin increases the production of sebum, which makes acne worse.

Only wear light make-up. Use non comedogenic, oil-free products. Thick creams, such as foundation, and applying several layers of various products should be avoided. Ask your cosmetician for advice about your make-up choices.

Use alcohol-free after-shave products so as not to dry out your skin.

Drink a lot of water. Water has lot of benefits, including keeping skin well-hydrated and healthy.

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