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A Photographer’s Guide to Take a Sexy Picture

1. Keep in mind: Naked is not automatically “sexy.” A common misconception among many is that a nude photo is equal to a sexy photo. Posting a straight nude is like recklessly going all out in a poker game. It get its intended effect at first, but it’s perceived sexiness diminishes later on as there’s nothing left for your audience to see. As you later discover, implied nudity is sexier because it teases and makes your viewers want more.

2. Don’t be afraid to look for ideas on the Internet. After all, the professionals do it too. Getting ideas before posing and snapping a photo allows you more room for preparation and inspires your creativity in defining how your own body translates into something sexy. If you want to know how to take a sexy picture, the Internet provides a whole resource of sexy photo poses for you to imitate, modify, and improve.

3. Practice taking selfies until you find your most flattering angle. After doing your research and selecting several poses, put them to the test by practicing those poses with test shots.

Pose and snap away until you find your best and most flattering angle. This way, you get a feel and look of the process and output. Allowing you to narrow down your selection of sexy poses to the ones that suit you best.

4. Experiment with different facial expressions. Puckering up and doing the “duckface” in every photo is honestly not as attractive as it may seem. In fact, it turns others off. And when you get stuck with an awkward facial expression, it only serves as a distraction to the viewer and endangers the appeal of your sexy photo.

Don’t focus on one overly-used facial expression when snapping your sexy photos. Feel free to go crazy and experiment with a variety of different ones. Choose facial expressions that fit your sexy character. You can go with your natural smile, restrain the mood with a naughty inviting grin, or make them go crazy with the creative use of your tongue.

5. Dress Up. As mentioned, naked is not always sexy. Sometimes, if you want to know how to take a sexy picture, all it takes is a well-chosen dress that flatters your body to drive anyone who sees your photo crazy. Not only that, dressing up gives room for many possibilities for sexy photos. Be it an old, oversize shirt slipping off your shoulders to an evening gown hugging your boobs, use your outfit of the day as an inspiration for a sexy photo.

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