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About LikeWike

Likewike is the no.1 news, entertainment and what’s hot in the city and also across the world. We are a media platform and we have broken knowledge barrier and spreading it all over the globe like oxygen. And we are not viral, we are essential, the vital elements needs for survival, the latest news, the food for body and soul and much more.


As the pioneer of the storytelling with truth element imbibes in it, we give you in depth details of what’s happening around your town as we don’t want days to be boring, we want you to be lively and passionate about life and LIKEWIKE. We keep our facts and figures straight and for you.

Our categories features from zero to infinity of human world and that includes all you think. From travel, lifestyle, sports, food, health&fitness. Our team goes into your city and explores the unexplored things for you.

Read, watch, explore and go live life as we don’t want you to sit back and share experiences with us.

Likewike is founded by Ankit Jain, who is CEO and a chief editor.

For sharing images and experiences as we feel every experience needs a share and we give that a share? Drop us an email at email shout@likewike.com and hope we can work together in future.



Likewike is uncovering of Abbaya of secrets, traditions, stories, fables and food. Our world is an alcazar of knowledge and so much stored for us. We are sitting like an Arrgus Eye and letting you know what happening in the world be it chad or charming. Likewike catches winters by tail and summer by head and gives you what is unsaid. The reviews, views and the untold are told by us. Likewike will uncover the facts and the real picture of past, present and future.


Ours is a deedy platform for all the budding writers across the world. You have art and we will make you artist. Your experiences can be dotish or encorsell but Likewike will ensure to give you a platform and the writer in you will be emerged as an author. Likewike wants very experience to be highlighted and to be shared with the world.