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So, you finally made it this far.  Welcome, to our world which is created by you. Our venture LikeWike is a part of “RudraAnsh” which is founded by “Ms Shalini Gupta”.  This is the new era of monster media. Probably created by  digital media  and social media. Social media which empowers  every citizen for circulating  ( exploit ) information.  We are here, to protect you from those absurd information which are not only irrelevant but  gives you a headache.

LikeWike IS UNBIASED platform of informations

In this brutal world of social media, we understand your hunger of great and good contents.  We are devoted towards our audience, to provide them the best content we can create or curate. Providing Depth details of everything  happening around you is our passion. Professionals working with us are the specialist of their beat and forte.Stay with us and explore a different world together.
Under the expert administration of Ms. Shalini Gupta, we the LikeWike team is dedicated to you. If you also want to be a part of our team, or want to contribute or share anything with us, you can directly mail  shout@likewike.com. As an initial stage startup, we treat people working with us like a family.

How we see this World
Our world is full of aimless youth, youth is full of energy but not properly informed, less information makes them direction less, and there we come, as we all know, information is power, we convert your power ( internet) into information.

Unlike others we don’t dream of revolution, we are on our journey of creating a  revolution of  change. With a great idea, come a great stories to tell.
We believe every generation needs a hero to answer their questions, many of us haven’t found one yet, join us and let’s find your answers.
A compelling combo of content, tech and distribution, we’re developing high-value digital journalism, storytelling, and advertising at scale.