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After Sujoy Ghosh, Apurva Asrani steps down from IFFI jury

In the aftermath of Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s sudden decision to drop two films from the line-up of International Film Festival of India’s Indian Panorama section, director Sujoy Ghosh had stepped down from the jury yesterday. Now, writer Apurva Asrani has also decided to resign from the jury. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s ‘S Durga’ and Ravi Jadhav’s ‘Nude’ were originally approved by the jury, but the I & B ministry removed them without any intimation.

Sasidharan took to Facebook and penned down an elaborate post acknowledging the “boldness” of some jury members. “If they had not come out openly and the media took it up with ample weightage everything would have been very well covered up by the dictatorship. Jury chairman Sujoy Ghosh and one jury member Apurva Asrani has resigned. Another jury member Ruchi Narain has made open statement against the decision of the ministry. This is purely a fightback from them as artists. I know very well that, they did this with complete knowledge that the ruling party will use all the opportunity to harass them,” the post read.

“As a filmmaker, I feel proud to live in a country where these people are also living and fighting. As a citizen I am feeling really sad and pessimistic about my country when I look around and see the cold response of the public at large. I really do not know, whether our society understands the evil it is going to face, if it live this ostrich life like this. I had lived in Saudi Arabia for one and half years and I know what is life without freedom. I had participated in hideout screenings conducted by Malayali associations. I fear that we are going in that direction and I can see darkness only. Please wake up.. please fight back..”

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