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Amazing and Simple Ways to Lose Weight This Winters

When winter approaches, we tend to become lethargic and want to cuddle always in blanket gluing to Television and the only sneak peak we prefer is the Party Invitations. Ideally, we wish to spend our weekend or Christmas holidays watching TV along with fat laden food. The Invitations for Christmas and for New Year and so many others as people love to celebrate during winters and it is proven fact that our body weight increases during winters. But how to manage our weight during winters through planning,diet and exercise…

Here are the dos and don’ts this winter:

  • Keep it short: Don’t spend longer hours in the gym, in fact keep it short sessions.Your mind will respond to shorter session of gym much quickly than the longer one this winters.
Proper Gym
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  • Protein in Plate: One thing you have to put in your mind that you want protein in each of your diet plans even if it is snack, then atleast 10 grams of protein has to there.This makes you stomach fuller and also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.
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  • Grab of glass of hot water or tea: After having lunch or dinner, have a hot cup of green tea or water. It helps in digestion of food faster.It breaks down food faster. The cold water after having food is worst as it solidify the oil components thus taking longer duration to digest the food.Daily intake of hot water along with lemon – polyphenol rich helps in reduction of the free radicals in the body.
hot tea/water
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  • Treat Carbs as Friends: Be smart and treat carbs as your friend not as your enemy and what is the way out for that.You want to have white sauce pasta topped with cheese or want to have bread with some delicious topping, has it?The point is have small portions and see the timings too. Don’t have much carbs during dinner have during lunch or brunch. This will help you in digesting the carbs well. Eat in small portions and let your body realize that you are eating.
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  • Moving parties as compared to siting parties: Prefer outdoor parties like ice skating or picnics in sunny the sunny afternoon and also carry games with you. A game of soccer or lawn tennis is far better than a high end restaurant meal or ice cream sundaes.
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  • Track your activity: I know, it is tough to hit gym daily but then you have to work out. If you can’t gym, walk. Make sure you walk daily 10,000 steps and it is kinda of a moderate exercise and if you are injured then these 10,000 steps will help you to recover in a better manner. Maybe you will think , only 10,000 steps and no gym , this is common thinking but this will help you to lose weight slowly , steadily and for the longer term too. Have a smaller goal like starting with 1000 steps and gradually to 2000 and so forth.
Track activity
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  • Never skip a meal: If you want to lose weight by starving then it is a bad idea. Skipping meals never helps in losing weight, in reality it decreases metabolism, reduces healthy nutrients in the body and make our body more disease prone. The ideal way to have food is to have in small portions even if that slices of chocolate cake or pecan pie. You can have that in moderate quantities this will help to digest the food easily.
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Above are some ways to reduce some flab this winters and the more point is to increase activity be it indoor , try to indulge in some indoor games as that will diminish both, your stress and fat.

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