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Amazing Beaches Around the World

In this hectic schedule of life, it is very essential to refresh ourselves on regular intervals. Visiting new places, trying out new things and relaxing any way possible is a need and not luxury.

People now have become travel freak and so they travel to different places, various states and different countries as well. Beaches are a great place to visit when you are deep neck into tension and stress. It gives a fresh feeling, leaving you re-energized for a longer span of time.

The main concern people face when they think to select any beach to spend some quality time is which beach to choose. When the world is surrounded by one-third of water, it is obvious that there will be huge number of beaches in it. Selecting some exotic beaches of the world is tough. But here, you can get information about such beaches with ease. So, let’s start the journey.

1. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii, positioned at island of Hawaii, about three miles east of Ka Lae. The sand in this beach is green, which is the most exotic thing this beach restores in it. The reach the beach, travelers need to travel three hours through rugged paths.

Papakolea Beach
(Pic Spource-Only In Hawaii)

2. Rialto Beach, Washington is a calm yet easily accessible beach. The Olympic coast surrounded by the Olympic National Park is a place to relax and stay. The beach located at Pacific Ocean is a great combination of ocean, beach and forest.

Rialto Beach
(Pic Source-Art.Net)

3. Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives is one of the most visited beaches in the world. The glowing blue tide at night is something worth watching. The species create the most romantic natural lighting in the world.

Bioluminescent Beach
(Pic Source-YouTube)

4. Star Sand Beach, Iriomote Island, Japan is also known as Hozhizuna-no-hama beach. The name ‘hoshizuna’ means star shaped sand. The main attraction of the beach is the sand. To view the star shaped sand particles visit the beach soon after typhoon.

Star Stand Beach
(Pic Source-Báo Mới)

5. Bowling ball beach of California, USA is also counted as one of the exotic beach existing. The beach contains spherical sandstones concretions that are seen during low tide. The beach is named after these balls looking sandstones.

Bowling ball beach of California
(Pic Source-Tom Dempsey /

6. Reynisfjara beach, Vik, Iceland gives travelers a soothing experience with some deadly combination of bright white waters, stunning basalt columns, black sand and pebbles all set together. Nothing can be exotic than this beach for sure.

Reynisfjara Beach
(Pic Source-Flickr)

7. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland is situated on an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. The site is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The basalt columns is a result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

Giants Causeway Beach
(Pic Source- wallpaper free download)

8. Anse Source d’Argent- La Digue, Seychelles is famous for its sand which changes colour from white to pink at times. Out of 115 beaches in Seychelles, Anse Source is the popular one. The exotic colour and view makes it to this list.

 Anse Source d’Argent- La Digue, Seychelles
(Pic Source- Sunsurfer)

9. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia is tagged to be one of the cleanest beach in the world. The sand is made up of 90% of silica which makes it dazzle like silver through sunlight. The elegance that the beach spreads is surely a must watch.

 Whitehaven Beach
(Pic Source-Australian Traveller)

10. Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands, Mexico is something like nature’s surprise for all. the beach is hidden underneath a hole in the ground. To get to that place you need help of helicopter, or have to take help of scuba diving.

Hidden Beach
(Pic Source-Vallarta Today)

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