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Amazing Food and Drinks Dialogues from Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are just for pure entertainment and most of the movie has some interesting dialogues which stuck to us. From starting conversation to pick up lines bollywood has always been rich in “Dialogue Baazi” and it is keep going better with time. Whether it is fighting conversation or romantic, bollywood dialogues never failed to impress us and Hindi is a language that can fit anytime anywhere.

So here we have collected some most interesting bollywood dialogues related to food and drink that will make you laugh:

  • Add Some Masala to Your Life
Add Some Masala to Your Life
(Pic Source : BollywoodPapa)
  • Gujarati Food Sound Like Dangerous Weapons
Gujarati food sound like dangerous weapons
(Pic Source : BollywoodPapa)
  • Boys are Like Soft Drinks
Boys are like Soft Drinks
(Pic Source : BollywoodPapa)
  • Chulbul Pandey’s Style
Chulbul Pandey's Style
(Pic Source : BollywoodPapa)
  • It Happens Only in India
It happens only in India
(Pic Source : BollywoodPapa)
  • Fruit Love in Romance
Fruit love in romance
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Relationship of Lemon and Milk
Relationship of Lemon and Milk
(Pic Source :
  • Vegetarian Wife…See the Talent of a Wife, Comparing Her Hubby with Vegetables
comparing her hubby with vegetables
(Pic Source : Photos Filmibeat)
  • Memories are Like Sweet Box
Memories are like Sweet box
(Pic Source :
  • Sudden Entry of Unexpected Things..
Sudden entry of unexpected things
(Pic Source : Spotboye)
  • If  You are Treated Like Culprit then u Should do Crime….
If you are treated like culprit then u should do crime
(Pic Source :

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