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Amazing Food Recipes With Mango

King of fruits – mango. We all have heard this since childhood. Ever wondered, it is true or not? Well, let that be for next time,  but as we all know, mangoes are most fabulous gift, gifted to us by mother nature. Lost of varieties and taste, eye catching yellow color and texture, looks like you can’t stop dreaming about it. You dream, we will add some elements which will make it more tastier.

Let’s start with…

  • Mango Layer Cake

Imagine cake and taste of mango combined together to form a  addictive dessert  appetite which will let you forget your diet plan. Your watery mouth tells me, you are craving for more delicious desserts, so.

Mango Layer Cake
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  • Mango Mousse Cups

Creamy, smooth and perfect sweet drink. This dessert is enough to cool you down from any temperature you are burning yourself.

Mango Mousse Cups
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  • Tropical Mango Vanilla Cupcakes

A cupcake flavoured with mango and  vanilla ice cream. Looks adorable, but don’t fall for it, it is a perfect bomb to kill your guest on your weekend plans with barbecue.

Tropical Mango Vanilla Cupcakes
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  • Layered Mango Cheesecake Parfait

Now it is time for cheesecake after cupcake, so the thing is, make sure you serve this one wisely if you don’t want it to finish early. Combination of cheese and mango can drive people crazy about this dessert.

Layered Mango Cheesecake Parfait
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  • Mango Mousse Tart

The dessert which will look more gorgeous than your girlfriend, not only beautiful but this one is as addictive as cocaine.

Mango Mousse Tart
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  • Mango Donuts

Your favourite donate now dipped in mango taste. Nothing more heavenly can happen on the date when you will taste this one of its kind dessert. Soft and juicy donate which melts as it goes in mouth and give your taste buds a relaxing nostalgia trip of mango-land.

Mango Donuts
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  • Creamy Mango Flan

A dessert which you can’t even think of, this one is my favorite because of it juicy behaviour. This dish will consist one and only taste of our beloved mango. Sometimes i feel that our beloved mango has sacrifices itself only for us to give a refreshing taste of mango to our taste buds.

Creamy Mango Flan
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  • Mango Lassi

This is not new recipe, but this is all time favorite of everyone which is easy to make and consume. The liquid form of mangoes is not what I like but combining it with lassi gives a new definition.

Mango Lassi
(Pic Source : Cook With Manali)

So, on the note of desi lassi, i leave you to broad your imagination and to enjoy the above mentioned desserts, as next time you get chance.

If you guys have something new about mangoes and its recipes. Lets us know in comment box or directly mail us on our mail id. We will feature your story. Happy summer.

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