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Amazing Indian Cocktails To Try Out

Drinking is fun. Drunken people are funny. Hanging out on drinks is cool. Paying for drinks in a pub or bar is heartbreaking. Buying liquor from a liquor shop and making a drink yourself is cheaper and self-treat.

Making drinks for your friends at your home is fancier and classy than a bar or a club. But A cocktail is almost like diversity of India. Cocktails are cool and helps you cool down. This great summer of India is definitely going to hit hard on you. So, get some of the Indian cocktails and tame the summer like a thug. Help your friend also to get their revenge on summers like the Desi people do.

 A badass drink can make you badass as well so, make sure, you don’t go overboard.

  • Rum Panna

Aam ka panna’ prepared by Mumbaiya people, on special occasion of Gudi parva. As the name goes, it consist raw mango. Cut the crap and add some white Rum in classic Aam ka panna to make it the special chiller in your list.

Rum Panna
(Pic Source : Be Beautiful)
  • Jamun-tini

Especially for those ladies and gentlemen who can’t let go their Gin. This cocktail comes with a tongue twister taste, thanks to the addition of Jamun in your leftover Gin, which probably lack fizz in it. Gin and Jamun sacrifices their racist ego to make you a delicious drink and also add a pretty color to your drink. I hope like Jamun and Gin you also find your love at your cocktail party, this weekend.

(Pic Source : Authority Ayurveda –
  • Khus And Gin Sharbat

PRO Classic drinks for Gin Lover with the mixture of khus sharbat. It taste good and effects mildly. This chiller is like bazooka for summer.

Khus And Gin Sharbat
(Pic Source : TechnoFlix)
  • Chai White Russian

All chai lovers, it may can shock you, about the torture these bartenders are doing to your love of life chai, but surprisingly it is fun to see your love getting some foreign attention. Apart from chai being iced and served with Russian vodka. This drink has its own x factor.

Chai White Russian
(Pic Source : ScoopWhoop)
  • Rose sharbat

What did you said?? You loved Rooh Aafza as a kid. Great!! this drink is especially prepared for you with the extra blended flavour of Rose and Vodka. A special chiller to make you nostalgic.

Rose sharbat
(Pic Source : Be Beautiful)
  • Vodka Shikanji

Not the Shikanji you buy on streets to cool you down. It is not that cheap but yes it handier like that one. Vodka with salt and lemon is cliche, try lemonade with vodka.

Vodka Shikanji
(Pic Source : blogger)
  • Sharabi Lassi

Lassi with rum, difficult to imagine, right!! But don’t worry if you have a Punjabi friend around you, they know how to digest both the thing quite efficiently. Lassi in the morning and Rum after dark, both in a same drink can be like GOD of drinks to them.

Sharabi Lassi
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • High Rasam

South Indian drink and Russian drink together, Nothing unimaginable. Like most of north India, you cannot understand the feeling of south people so they tied their knot and left us with this overwhelming drink.

High Rasam
(Pic Source : ScoopWhoop)
  • Banarasi Paan Mojito

Mojitos are awesome drinks with mint leaves in it, now just replace it with pann leave. White rum and meetha paan, deadly combination, enough to blow you away.

Banarasi Paan Mojito
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Jal-Vodka-Jeera

After Shikanji we are going to change your views on jaljeera. Combine it with vodka and find a new taste in your life.

(Pic Source : Great Indian Food)

Lets have a look on some of the best summer drinks for you.

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