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Apple Temporarily Removes 32-Bit Apps From App Store Search Results

Apple in its WWDC 2017 developer conference in San Jose announced the Cupertino giant release iOS 11. It will be released after its first developer preview. Rumours are this announcement will end the era of 32-bits apps altogether.

(Pic Source : NDTV Gadgets)
(Pic Source : NDTV Gadgets)

Recourses reports that the 32-bit apps were no longer showing up in search results in App Store for a while. Searching for games like TouchArcade, Ridiculous Fishing, Dungeon Raid and more games, didn’t throw up desired results. The report claimed that the apps are still available via a direct link. However, 32-bit apps began showing up again after a 12-24 hour period, the report claimed. This indicates that Apple was doing some test of sorts and testifies further that iOS 11, which is reported to support only 64-bit apps, will kill support altogether in the future.

Advantages of 64-bit apps include dropping age-old technology, an app eventually demanding quite less space on your iPhone and the hardware itself getting rid of unnecessary 32-bit components altogether. iOS 11 is also reported to bring many new changes, including new animation, notification graphic tweaks, revamp of the Apple Music app and much more.

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