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Are Edible Water Bubbles Future Of Packaged Water?

Have you seen an edible water bubble marketing campaign by Ooho, they have done their job remarkably. After seeing video, I felt just to grab that squishy bubble and ate it, no drank it… Means it was so alluring. They are so much fun and also if they replace those plastic bottles, it is going to be so much fun and also they can be easily carried in the purse and landfill for the earth too.

Ooho is a product of UK based startup, Skipping Rocks Lab and the Ooho bubble is made from the seaweed and is an edible and biodegradable.

You just puncture a hole into the bubble and slurp the water, it is so entertaining and the unusual packing cost less than plastic packaging.

(Pic Source : Imperial College London)
(Pic Source : Imperial College London)

The funding part of the Skipping Rocks is done by the crowdfunding site crowdfunding site Crowdcube. So, far it has doubled the crowdfunding and also it has 40,000 Pounds to 50,000 Pounds of crowdfunding and it has closed the first round of funding.

edible water bubble
(Pic Source : Designboom)

Ooho seeks for an ambitious project and also it wants to eradicate the plastic bottles from the world and the water balls are initially are in small size, so that they are easily consumable.

It is going to be interesting that how Ooho will kick off and the people will put off the plastic water bottles and  the edible water bubbles in their pockets.

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