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Artificial Intelligence Development for Google Services are at Pace: CEO of Google

Recently Google have launched their new products based on artificial intelligence.

At the Google’s I/O developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new technology called Google Lens. It is an artificial intelligence based technology which is designed to make you more addicted towards technology in good terms. As the CEO explained, the smartphone camera won’t just see what you see but will also understand what you seek to help your action.

Google Lense
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During demo of this tech, he showed how we can point phone camera at something and lens will tell what it is. It can identify almost everything around the world. It can understand the photographic angle for a shoot and can help you out to take pro level photographs.

Connecting Wi-Fi would be much easier for now, as you only need to snap the sticker on the router.

Finding business related solution will be comfortable as the information related to store and business card in brief will be available on one snap.

This technology just turns your camera into a new guide for your daily schedule and routine life as per your requirement. Getting great deal and finding the difference between original and copied product is just a click away now.  Your camera is now new interactive tool for you transformed from a passive tool which was only for capturing image.

Lens would be integrated into Google Assistant. Through a new button in the Assistant app, users will be able to launch Lens and insert a photo into the conversation with the Assistant, where it can process the data the photo contains.

To show how this could work, Google’s Scott Huffman holds his camera up to a concert marquee for a Stone Foxes show and Google Assistant pulls up info on ticket sales. “Add this to my calendar,” he says — and it does.

The integration of Lens into Assistant can also help with translations.

Huffman demonstrates this by holding up his camera to a sign in Japanese, tapping the Lens icon and saying “What does this say?” Google Assistant then translates the text.

(Pic Source :
(Pic Source :

In addition, Pichai showed how Google’s algorithms could more generally clean up and enhance photos — like when you’re taking a picture of your child’s baseball game through a chain-link fence, Google could remove the fence from the photo automatically. Or if you took a photo in a low-light condition, Google could automatically enhance the photo to make it less pixelated and blurry.

The company didn’t announce when Google Lens would be available, only saying that it’s arriving “soon.”

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