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Alisha Malhotra

World’s Most Expensive Perfumes for Her

Fragrance is something that attracts everyone that’s why we all use perfumes as it gives an essence. It not only pleases   our mind and also gives a positive effect on people around you. Perfumes are bottled up with the fragrant liquid and they are made up from different essential oils. It is always feels nice to have a sweet fragrance develops around you like an aura.

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Makeup Foundations For You

Foundation is a cosmetic product and it conceal too, and it acts like a base for the face and it makes our skin flawless and natural. Foundation is the only key by which we can observe our makeup is good or bad and if we want to hide our scars and blemishes so for that we have to use concealed along with the foundation.

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The most beautiful features on a woman’s face is her eyes. Therefore, they used Eye shadow which is used to highlight the eyes. The eye shadow should be chosen according to the occasion, the time of day, the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, and, the color of your eyes.

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Dark circles under the eyes could take away the attractiveness of the most dazzling faces nowdays. Dark circles give an ugly appearance on our face and making us look older, sad and depressed. They are visible mainly  due to  heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying, working for long hours in front of a computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet. Both men and women of different age groups face this problem. So to get rid of dark circles here we discuss some of the effective remedies for removing dark circles:

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No one likes scars especially on face! Teenagers suffer maximum from pimple marks, scars and spots due to hormonal changes and puberty. Pimples can be naturally treated with antibacterial properties which are in abundance in nature. However, pimple scars are a little stubborn as they don’t go easily.

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Dandruff Gone with these Miracle Tips

Dandruff may be the result of dry scalp, oily skin or growth of bacteria or fungus on the scalp. Nowadays, dandruff problem is so common and can face by all ages of people over the world. Although we know that home remedies take time to show results but they are very effective to get rid of dandruff. So, here some of the home remedies which help to remove dandruff partially if not permanently.

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