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Alisha Malhotra

Good News: Relationship Anxiety Is Normal

You’re not weird for having anxiety, but there are some things you can do to keep it from affecting your relationship.
Whether you’re in a long-term committed relationship or fresh off a swiping session on Tinder, relationship anxiety can — and likely will — pop up at some point.
Whether it stems from lack of trust, fear of abandonment, questioning your compatibility or worrying about non-reciprocated feelings, most people experience some form of unease about the future of their partnership. The real issue arises when natural worry evolves into debilitating stress or results in self-sabotage that negatively affects your relationship.

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Latest News 12th October

Government draws SC fire for legitimising rape

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said it was unfortunate that successive governments blinked at the incongruity of Section 375(2) of Indian Penal Code that absolved a husband of rape charges even if he had sex with a wife who was below the age of 18 years.Referring to the five-year-old Parliament-enacted Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, a bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta said POCSO Act provides that if a person related to a child below 18 years of age commits a penetrative sexual assault on that child, then he would be liable for aggravated penetrative sexual assault.

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Latest News 11th October

Sex with minor wife is rape, says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Wednesday held that a man will be punished for rape if he is found to be guilty of havIng sexual intercourse with his minor wife.A Bench of Justices Madan B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta read down exception 2 to Section 375 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code.The exception clause to the heinous offence of rape allows a man to have sex with his wife who is not aged below 15.

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Drinking More Water May Reduce the Risk of UTI in Women

Urinary Tract Infections or also known as UTI are very common in women. It is an infection from microbes that may affects the urethra, urinary system, bladder and even the kidneys. The most common symptoms include pelvic pain, increased urge to urinate, burning sensation during urination and blood in the urine. The infection can be treated with antibiotics but a new study has found that drinking more water on a daily basis may help in reducing the risk of contracting UTI all-together.

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