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Manoj Kumar: What Shah Rukh Did Was Hitting Below The Belt, What Ranveer Did Was In Good Taste

The new gen star of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh recently impressed Manoj Kumar with his photoshoot! It was not an ordinary photo-shoot. It was Ranveer Singh mimicking the iconic pose of Manoj Kumar with his hand on his face. The same pose was mimicked by Shah Rukh Khan during Om Shanti Om and he was dragged in the court by the veteran actor. When asked about why he chose to react positively to Ranveer Singh’s this photoshoot, he gave his reasons to hitlist.
He told,” I have seen the snapshot. He has done a good job of imitating me. I laughed a lot when I saw the picture. Ranveer is on the right track. What Shah Rukh did was hitting below the belt, what Ranveer did was in good taste.”
Well, it was just a decade ago and it is surprising that Manoj Kumar gave his thumbs up to Ranveer’s experiment with the pose. He even captioned the photo as ‘Workin’ the Manoj Kumar.’ It turns out that the much loved veteran actor is quite impressed with Ranveer Singh’s acting.

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Choose A Healthy Lifestyle To Be Active At Work

The theme of this years’ World Mental Health Day marked on 10th of October each year is centered around the significance of mental health and well-being at the workplace. It’s relevance in our hectic lifestyle in the contemporary world is definitely undeniable, as our workplace often becomes the source of a lot of pressure and workload. It is evident to note the ever-increasing levels of stress stemming from our workplace in today’s scenario. With the changing lifestyles, increasing competitive nature of the corporate setups, higher stakes involved, it is not unexpected for many of us to have increasingly rising ambitions and desires for our career.

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7 minute easy yoga poses and stretches you can do at your desk

Working while sitting on a chair for the most part of the day is not good for your health and body. But, work is worship and it should not be skipped or denied. But, the desk-bound and sedentary lifestyle in cities are responsible for causing obesity as well as neck & back pain. The good news is that you can use your chair to do yoga stretches in order to refresh your mind and body. Please follow the below mentioned easy to do yoga stretches.

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2’o clock in the night; I just stepped out of the train. It was completely dark outside and only few people were there on the station. I felt like something is moving beside me, like a shadow. I got scared and saw death ghost hovering around me.

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  1. Neerja

Neerja, flight attendant who have saved lives of 359 passengers in 1986 while she was in the ill-fated flight, Pam Am Flight 73, that was hijacked, Karachi, Pakistan. This movie became one of the highest-grossingBollywood films featuring a female protagonist (SonamKapoor).

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