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Papri Chanda

A writer by profession...a wanderer by heart.....a dreamer by choice!! Works at Dainik Jagran. Resides in New Delhi.

The 10 best Sidney Sheldon novels

Hollywood producer and American writer, Sidney Sheldon has been a crime fiction and thriller writer, an unmatched idol among millions of readers. He is famous for his spicy thrillers that are covered with emotion, envy, crime, and mystery.

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10 Juice Cures You Should know About

Less availability of time can slope you towards unhealthy and unfit life. Proper eating and drinking habits are almost omitted by busy people. This is the reason that young generation is not having that immunity to fight with the body bacteria that can weaken them.

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10 Indian Graphic Novels You Must Not Miss

Not only kids, but we adults are also totally smitten by graphic comics and graphic novels. Being a child of 90s our first fascination towards reading was these graphic novels that attracted us with its fantasy character and their various heroic deeds.

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5 Retro Fashion Trends That Have Made A Comeback

Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable attire one can carry in the present era is jeans. A great way to carry yourself with style, comfort and durability. A good pair of denim is all you need to throw away all other dresses aside while going out in ease. It will help you to get rid of all the other tensions in life.

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