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Top 10 Banned Movies in India

Our searches on Internet also include banned stuffs as there is a saying, ‘Forbidden fruit is always tempting’. So, in the case of movies, the list is endless but we have chosen some Bollywood movies, which were banned and created a storm in the Indian Film Industry.

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Pointers for Tax Budget 2017

In the major step, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced various changes in the Tax, that includes reduction of individual tax. Many more changes have been made in the current budget 2017 and the consolidated report of the Tax Budget 2017 is as follows.

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10 Most Romantic Indian Serials of all time

Romanticism is required in each and every sphere of life but life is without romance when we have hectic schedules. But when we watch some serials, those are imbibed with #Mohabbat #Pyaar #Junoon .. We see them and try to follow them in day today life.. India has seen some soaps , that were that had over dose of #Pyaar and #Mohobbat..

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Glamorous Life of Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone AKA Laila .. Sunny leone is the latest Bollywood celebrity who is creating waves in the industry . She was previously working as an adult movie star and now making ripples in Bollywood too , here are some sizzling facts about the curvaceous Bombshell:

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