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Dry skin has its fair share of problems, from a constant feeling of itchiness and irritation to the fear of wrinkles at an early age. While this is a common problem, not everyone seems to be aware of the right kind of dry skin care. If you, like so many others are looking for effective home remedies for dry skin, you’ve come to the right place.

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Love vs. in love: how do you see the difference?

1. Loving someone is a commitment. Being in love is compulsion. You can love your grandmother. You can love apple pie. As much as you might care for a nice sugar high or a hug from nana, it probably isn’t the first thing that you think about in the morning. Even if you are a lifelong chocoholic and tend to think about getting a hit of the sweet stuff before noon, you can probably move on from it. If your health depended on it, you could probably give up on sugar and eventually start to crave sweet fruit in the morning.

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Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good?

Yes, there is a real reason that explains why orgasms feel so amazing. It has more to do with science and human evolution than you may think, too. If you thought orgasms were purely for the joy, think again. So why do orgasms feel so good? Here’s what science has to say.

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Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

1. Banana and Egg Hair Treatment

Looking for a little more shine in your hair? Simply mix one egg and a mashed up banana. Apply it as a thick paste to your hair and leave it on for 10 – 30 minutes. Wash it our doing your usual hair washing ritual (if you usually use a store-bought conditioner you’ll probably only need to condition the ends). And voila! Super simple, and all natural, beauty tip.

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Understanding sexual anorexia

To compare sexual anorexia to sexual addiction: when somebody addicted to sex has an episode, and acts out, they may go on a bender. Comparatively, when somebody struggling with sexual anorexia has an “episode,” they starve themselves of intimacy, and feel as though they unworthy of love or affection. They also fear rejection, avoiding specific situations.

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Attractive Indian Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli is an important part of Diwali celebration! And, no wonders you must be looking out for easy Rangoli designs that can be drawn in less time and yet gives a brighter look adding to the aesthetics of your home. And, that is why to help you out we have come up with our plethora of circular rangoli designs.

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