PURNIMA | LikeWike - Part 7


Cool Gifts To Buy When You’re Broke


Whether you’re buying a gift for your Secret Santa or somebody in the office, bath bombs are always a good idea. Essentially, it’s giving relaxation and bliss to your bestie. (Can I get one of these gift sets, too?)

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Truth Behind These Commonly-Held Beliefs About Drinking Milk

All of us have memories of being forced to drink milk as kids. Milk occupies the prime place of importance in most Indian kitchens, and is considered to be the panacea for a lot of health problems. Yet, milk has also been getting a lot of bad press, with controversial links to heart disease, obesity and even cancer. We speak to a few leading nutritionists to sift fact from fiction.

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Things You Shouldn’t Put Off Until Tomorrow In Your 20s


Things first: Don’t put off cleaning your space. Being in your 20s means you moved into your first apartment or are learning to live on your own. It’s important that you get down a routine for dusting, vacuuming, and doing your laundry — before the bad habits start.

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Best Laptops For Gaming, College, Work & Almost Every Need!

15-inch laptops

Acer Aspire E 15

A 15-inch laptop is the perfect halfway size for those who use their computers for work as well as personal use. Therefore, these machines are a hybrid between the power required for getting your professional tasks done combined with the necessary screen size and graphics for home entertainment and leisure.

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1. Samanta Schweblin, Fever Dream

This is a weird hallucination of a book—reading it feels like an experience, like something that happens to you, as infectious and mysterious and unstoppable and possibly magical as the disease that powers its plot. There is absolutely no way to put it down without breaking the spell, so make sure you’re comfy.

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Give These Unhealthy Indian Breakfasts A Healthy Makeover

What’s not to love about starting the day with thick aloo ke paranthe, straight from the tawa and garnished with a fat dollop of melting butter. Or, a crisp golden dosa folded around properly spiced aloo masala. These breakfast staples have delighted us Indians down the ages, but the unpalatable truth is they deprive our bodies of much needed morning nutrition.

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