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Famous Bird and Animal Sanctuaries In India

Wildlife sanctuaries of bird sanctuaries are the protected areas for the animals and birds. Under the category IUCN, the protected areas are designated to animals and birds. Under this, Project Tiger comes, in which 49 tiger reserve are governed by Project Tiger. There are 537 wildlife sanctuaries and 58 bird sanctuaries in India.. The main motive behind the protected area is for conservation of nature and wildlife both.

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10 Places to swoosh and swoon over Hookah in Delhi

Alcohol and loud music are the thing of past now it is time for Hookah. Sit, talk and smoke over Hookah, a favourite pastime in Middle East. A simple evening dazzles with the various flavours of Hookah, speak your heart out while smoking it. We all know about Hookah aka Shisha despite being age old. Youngsters love to enjoy the different flavours of Hooookaah with their bestiees. So, are we going to share 10 most favourite Hookah Bars in Delhi.

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