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Beat the Heat with these Summer Drinks

Every summer temperature creates new records and Scorching heat, sweating and dehydration are some of the common worries in summer. Enjoy this summer with non-alcoholic drinks which can be easily made at home in minutes. So beat the heat with these cool drinks with your family and kids.

So we have collected some of the best summer drinks for you:

  • Aam Panna:

A energizing and refreshing summer drink prepared of mango pulp blended with cumin, jeera and mint leaves. Aam panna is a desi drink which helps you get hydrated.

Aam Panna
(PicSource : From My Palate)
  • Strawberry Pineapple Flax Smoothie

This tasty drink prepared by blending strawberries, pineapple, flax meal, sugar/honey and

ice cubes. It’s a very healthy drink and everyone enjoy it.

Strawberry Pineapple Flax Smoothie
(Pic Source : Top Inspired)
  • Watermelon Juice

It is a cool drink for summer because it is a good source of potassium and antioxidants. This amazing drink made by blending watermelon, sugar/honey, rock salt/black salt ,ice and Chaat masala (optional).

Watermelon Juice
(Pic Source :
  • Cucumber Lemonade

This delicious drink is made with the help of cucumber,lemon, sugar/honey, salt and ice cubes.

Cucumber Lemonade
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Lassi:

Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt based drink of India. Lassi is made with two flavours: Sweet and Salted. Sweet lassi, contains sugar or fruits and Salted Lassi contains spices.

(Pic Source : Shweta in the Kitchen)
  •  Vegetables Juice

Vegetable Juice are the healthiest juice and best for health. It can be made from various vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, Bitter gourd, Bottle gourd, Ginger, Lemon and Black pepper, salt and ice cubes.

Vegetables Juice
(Pic Source : Il blog di Cristina Del Basso)

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