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Australia loves two things – Beer and Christmas.

A mammoth Christmas tree is constructed by a local in Perth to mark presence of Beer along with Christmas.

Wes Boyd, father of 4, constructed a Christmas tree entirely by Victoria Bitter (VB) beer cans. The number of cans used in the making of tree is 2536 to be exact.


The height of the tree is almost 4.4m and it is tribute to the iconic beer which is produced by Carlton & United Breweries, a subsidiary of Foster’s Group in Melbourne.

The intentions of Mr. Boyd is to make everyone happy and he and his mates collected beer cans from past 14 months and then they made this tree.

Christmas tree lights up during nighttime and it also give a spectacular site to all. The tree has four green spotlights and has angel of the outlaw at the top.

Mr. Boyd had a humanitarian cause in his mind and he feels the money which will be donated by locals on this Beer Christmas Tree, will be contributed to Alzheimer’s society.

The love of VB and tree has been inseparable with Mr. Boyd as last year also he made a tree out of VB but that was smaller version.


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