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Begum Jaan Movie Review : Vidya Balan women gang against Patriarchy

IMDB Rating

7.8 out of 10

Cast: Vidya Balan and Chunky Pandey

Director: Srijit Mukherjee

Story: Sir Cyril Radcliffe has not see the misery of his Radcliffe line, which has taken the lives of millions by storm. It has divided East Pakistan, West Pakistan and India. The movie starts with the partition of India and Pakistan which was announced by Lord Mountbatten but the consequences have to be faced by the people of undivided India. The pain was evident and the life was terrible.

In this backdrop, Begum Jaan who runs a brothel on the place which is the border of both the countries, in fact going to be in future. Her brothel consists of women of every sect, be it Awadhi, Punjabi, Gujarati and  Bengali from different cast and background, some are riot victims, some thrown out of the house and some depressed in love. Begum shelters all, she says everyone has a love inside them.

But the time comes when the mansion of Begum Jaan has to destroyed in order to draw the border between two nations. The movie opens with the volcanic line from Begum Jaan, Aazaadi sirf mardon ke liye hoti hai (Independence is only for men).

First try and understand, who is Begum Jaan she is Hookah snorting, razor sharp words and the authoritarian air, she shows that she is master of her fate.

(Pic Source : hindustan times)
(Pic Source : hindustan times)

Her crumbling mansion is her kingdom though she is authoritative but she knows inside that how it feels when one has to become sex worker. But when her mansion has to be emptied as Law enforcement agencies decides to dislodged her and anger is at the highest level.

The acting of Gauhar Khan and Chunkey Pandey is also worth applauding but the film though has plenty of moist moments but fails to connect.

Overall the movie has power packed performances but the storyline is weak and is not connecting. The 134 minute movie drama has the Begum Jaan as Vidya Balan, but the story lacks cohesiveness as the storyline. But if you dwell deep into the theme then you can see the movie from the different perspective, i.e. documentary portrayal of the movie.

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