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Benefits of Milk

Milk is a complete food and the intake is often started in the younger age but when we get older, the intake gradually decreases. This causes numerous ailments like bone porosity and dull skin. But there are some hidden benefits too and also the when you add some ingredients and herbs, it further adds the benefits. Some people think that it will add more fat to their diet, this all is myth let me give you some facts of milk.

Here they are:

  • Strengthen Teeth and Bones: As we all know, milk is a great source of calcium which is essential for bones and teeth. The major benefit of the milk is that it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and the presence of Vitamin D in it,  helps in eradication of knee pains which is menace in old age. If you are deficient of Vitamin D, then you need to drink milk daily.
Strengthen teeth and bones
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  • Muscles: It contains proteins which improves the muscle strength, if you drink a glass of milk after gym, it helps to recover your body and it recharges your body faster than anything in the world.
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  • Weight Loss: Women who drink skim milk or low fat milk loses more weight than those who exclude milk from their diet. It is a healthy option for dinner along with a piece of fruit.
Weight Loss
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  • Glowing Skin: It is part of the beauty regime process, milk helps in keeping skin supple, soft and blemish free. Cleopatra had it in the beauty baths, so she had awesomely good skin. Milk can prevent damage from the hazardous toxins that are present in the environment.
Glowing Skin
  • Healthy Body: It reduces risk of heart stroke and also lowers the high blood pressure. It manages liver also by controlling the overproduction of cholesterol in the livers hence it is a antacid also. Remarkably milk has also lowers the risk of cancer also. Milk has Vitamin A & B, which gives good eyesight .

Many spices and herbs are added to milk to enhance the benefits, like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and saffron are added to the milk. This enhances flavour of the milk and is adds extra nutrients along with milk.

Healthy Body
  • Turmeric Milk: This concoction of milk and turmeric not only relieves cold and cough but also helps in a good night sleep.
Turmeric Milk
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  • Cinnamon Milk: Drinking this lip smacking cinnamon milk helps in circulation of blood and also helps in the digestion process.
Cinnamon Milk
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  • Honey and Milk: This is not only yummy in taste but it has huge set of benefits also. It helps in increasing infertility and also curbing insomnia, milk is miracle drug cures constipation; flatulence and intestinal disorders. A great aid in curing cold and cough.
Honey and milk
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  • Saffron and Milk: It relaxes nerves and calms you down, saffron milk is given to pregnant mother as it helps in healthy baby and mother too. Saffron helps in sound sleep and try and try to have saffron milk before going to bed.
Saffron and Milk
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