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Best Homemade Stamp Ideas for Kids

Most kids love stamping, Does your kid love stamping? Dipping a stamp into paint and making marks all over a page or on floor, wall or anywhere. But the rubber stamps which are available in market are bit higher in price so i thought to make some stamps using random household items because I love homemade toys, it would be a great fun for you and your child because you can customize the stamp according to your interest of child.

Here are simple tips to make homemade stamps using some things which you can find in your house, You just need some glue, rubber band or thread to pull it all together.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp

How to make: Take a toilet paper roll and press it into the shape of heart and hold it for a minute which help it stay in the shape. Your heart stamp is ready and if you want to make a flower stamp then take four toilet paper roll and make heart shape from them and tie them together with thread or rubber band now your flower stamp is ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Cork Stamp

How to make: You need a wine Cork, Cutter and Pencil. Just draw a design on the nicest side of cork and cut away the outside part of the shape you draw by going few millimetre deep. Your stamp is ready, dip it into paint and enjoy.

Cork Stamp
(Pic Source : Recent Models)
  • Apple Stamp

How to make: You just need an apple and cut the apple in half with a sharp knife. Let the apples dry for an hour after cutting. Dip into paint and enjoy.

Apple Stamp
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

You can also Create a design in the apple by cutting a heart, star or other shape into the centre of the cut side.

Apple Stamp
(Pic Source :
  • Yarn Block Stamps

How to make: You need woodblock or Foam and Yarn. Wrap a length of the yarn around the wood block according to your pattern which you want at the end tie off the yarn. Dip into paint and enjoy.

Yarn Block Stamps
(Pic Source : Twitter)
  • Pencil Eraser Bunch Stamp

How to make: You just need Pencil with eraser and rubber band. Bundle up pencil with rubber bands so that the erasers form a flower shape. Dip into paint and enjoy.

Pencil Eraser Bunch Stamp
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

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