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Best Instagram Accounts To Follow (Part-1)

Need some inspiration for your Instagram account? We searched far and wide to find Instagram accounts that are popular, unique, captivating, and just executed perfectly. These influencers, brands, and fanpages take their daily grams to a level so high you’d be out of breath trying to reach it. If you didn’t make the cut this year, don’t worry.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez might be one of the biggest pop stars today but that’s not the only accomplishment she can sing about. With over 143 million Instagram followers, her Instagram account takes the top spot for most popular. How’d she become so popular? It could be due to her down to earth personality. Gomez is a person that most people can relate to. And she’s not afraid to elevate those around her by giving them shout-outs. Her photos are all captivating, too. When she dresses up she looks like a supermodel, but when she dresses down she’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world. She shares glimpses of behind the scenes photos and videos with her fans. If you’re trying to build yourself up as an influencer, Selena Gomez is probably the best Instagram account to follow.

instagram account selena gomez

2. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner might only be 21 years old but she owns two of the best Instagram accounts: her own and Kylie Cosmetics. While Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t even make up 16% of her personal followers, her brand still made an astounding $900 million in under three years. And while her sales are not all from Instagram, her photos sure do help. Countless posts feature her products in plain view, and occasionally she’ll thrown in a picture of herself, but overall the Kylie Cosmetics Insta account is a product feed for her collection. If you’re an online retailer in the beauty niche, use Kylie Cosmetics as inspo instead of just winging it.

kylie cosmetics insta account

3. KKW Beauty

Now, we don’t want to start any sibling rivalries so we figured it’d be best to follow up Kylie Jenner with her big sister Kim. Instagram accounts can’t get much more flawless than KKW Beauty’s and Kim Kardashian’s. While Kim’s personal Instagram account has 3 million more followers than Kylie’s, her beauty brand’s follower count is pretty impressive, too: 2 million. Considering how the Kardashians use their personal brands to sell products, influencers can learn a few tricks from studying KKW Beauty. Images of models or beauty looks alternate against product photos. Also, traditional beauty brands can learn a lot about inclusivity by checking out this Instagram account. Models used in images are of various races and ethnicities, showing that Kim understands her target market: a global audience.

kkw beauty insta account

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