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Best Instagram Accounts To Follow (Part-2)

We are back with your Instagram Inspiration Accounts.

1. ToyShades

Instagram accounts like ToyShades show that you can literally show off your product in every picture without being too shady. Their Instagram pictures show customers wearing their sunglasses out and about. While each picture is distinct they’re still unified by a common visual consistency. All their photos have an urban feel to them. Their photos show off their diverse customer base, especally the hairy kind. Hey, we’re talking about dogs! ToyShades even has some pretty popular influencers wearing their products. So if you’re looking for a spec-tacular Instagram account to follow, ToyShades’ future on Instagram shines bright. Want influencers to help market your products? Refersion helps you track sales and pay influencers for sponsored posts.

toyshades instagram account

2. Dumped Wife’s Revenge

Sometimes the best Instagram accounts find inspiration from the most unexpected situations. Dianne Laurance might’ve been dumped by her husband for a younger woman, but boy does she have the last laugh. How does she get her revenge? By living her fabulous life. Her Instagram captions always share a positive message about taking care of yourself, being the best version of yourself, or just having fun goofing around. Her inspirational videos are sassy and remind you that you can still have a massive impact regardless of what obstacles get thrown your way. Laurance shows that you don’t need a brand to build a successful Instagram account, all you need to tell is a great story.

instagram accounts wifes revenge

3. So Worth Loving

There’s nothing greater than the power of love. So it’s pretty heartwarming that So Worth Loving’s Instagram account made its way to this list. While they’re pretty open about showing off their inspiring t-shirts and store products, the real love from this Instagram account comes from their inspiring quote posts. Everyone has bad days so it’s great to see a brand spread more positivity in the world. From posts that share messages like “You are not a burden” to t-shirts that read “love you love people,” it’s pretty clear that this brand loves harder than most. If you check out the comments, you’ll see that they still respond to comments despite having over 59.1k followers. The real lesson to learn from this Instagram account is to spread positivity in the world and build strong relationships with your customers.

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