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Best Instagram Accounts To Follow (Part-3)

1. Common Deer

Balance and symmetry. You don’t realize your Instagram photos need them until you see a photo that masters it flawlessly. After browsing a few of Common Deer’s photos, you’ll find visual patterns throughout most of their photos proving that their photographers know exactly what they’re doing. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, you can learn a lot about how to take Instagram photos just by browsing the ones on Common Deer’s page.

common deer instagram

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

If any businessman should get crowned the King of Instagram it’d be Gary Vaynerchuk. How this man has time to post two to four times a day, no one knows. Especially, since he’s also posting on other social platforms, running a podcast, hustlin’ as an investor and CEO of two brands. If you’re looking to post on social media more consistently, you can use a marketing automation tool like Later. However, posting often isn’t his only strength. He’s great at experimenting and evolving too. You’ll notice most of his content is in video form. But he’ll also add text to the top and bottom of his videos to try to get people to watch that specific piece of content and hook ‘em in. His Instagram account is marketing at it’s finest.

garyvee instagram

3. Humans of NY

Humans of NY was the first of its kind when it first launched. Brandon Stanton would photograph random people in NY and tell their story in the photo caption. It’s one of the rare Instagram accounts where the captions are more powerful than the photos. Followers get an inside look into who individual people are. People they may have passed on the street without a second glance. This Instagram account also does features in different parts of the world like Cairo to give people an inside look into other cultures.The best thing about Human of NY is that it helps humanize the people in photos and get an inside look into people’s lives.

humansofny instagram

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