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Best iPhone Apps For Photography Enthusiasts

1. ProCamera 8

While the native camera in all iPhone models is fantastic, many photographers like to use a camera replacement app such as Pro Camera 8 to gain a bit more control over their images.

ProCamera 8 offers all of the features of the native camera app plus a wide range of additional tools that offer users even more control.

Such features include (but are not limited to) fully-manual exposure control, adjustable shooting grids, an innovative HDR photo mode and image stabilization.

ProCamera 8 even offers a substantial set of editing tools for processing your images afterwards. You can also import images from your camera roll to edit in ProCamera 8.

2. Hipstamatic

The Hipstamatic app is almost as popular as the iPhone itself, and for good reason – it offers photographers a simple, yet powerful way to create stunning images in a wide variety of styles.

Hipstamatic is essentially a camera app designed to mimic the effect of different types of vintage and modern films, lenses and flash. By using different combinations, or “combos” as they are known, you can achieve a huge range of different photographic effects.

3. Oggl

Oggl is another app by Hipstamatic. It offers the same film and lens options as the Hipstamatic app (and you can even import any that you already paid for in Hipstamatic).

Oggl offers the ability to change the film and lens settings for a photo after you’ve taken it. Before Hipstamatic was updated, this is what set Oggl apart, but now it functions in a similar way to the new Hipstamatic app.

Unlike Hipstamatic, Oggl has its own online photo sharing community where you can share your images and interact with other Oggl users.

4. Camera+

Camera+ is another combined camera and photo editing app like ProCamera 8. However, Camera+ offers many unique features that allows it to stand apart from the crowd.

The camera section of the app is great for easily separating the focus and exposure points, and gives you full manual control of exposure settings.

It also features a built-in “macro” mode which uses digital zoom to create a macro effect. While not quite the same as using a true macro lens, it does a respectable job of simulating the extreme close-up effect of macro photography.

Camera+ has a huge range of tools for editing and enhancing your images. There are automatic preset adjustments, as well as an excellent range of manual slider adjustments for exposure, color and sharpness as well options for rotating, straightening and applying a vignette.

5. Snapseed

The app offers a wide range of standard editing tools for adjusting color and exposure, along with some special effect filters including grunge and vintage effects.

It also includes a unique Selective Adjustment tool, which allows you to change the brightness, contrast and color saturation of only select portions of an image.

While there are dozens of apps available that offer many of the same tools as SnapSeed, what really sets it apart from the crowd is how easy it is to use.

The user interface is highly intuitive, and most adjustments can be done by simply sliding your finger up and down to select an option, and then sliding left and right to adjust the level.


VSCO stands for the Visual Supply COmpany, and they built their reputation in the photo world by creating unique film emulation presets that can be used with the desktop software Adobe Lightroom. Luckily for mobile photographers, they’ve packed much of that editing power into this great app.

Unlike other apps where the filters can be a little harsh, VSCO Cam filters are generally designed to emulate classic and modern analog films. Many of the filters feature a soft, slightly faded look that has quickly become very popular amongst mobile photographers.

The strength of every filter can be adjusted to suit your taste, and the app also features a number of highly-effective editing tools for adjusting exposure, color and more.

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