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Best Sunglasses for Women

Nowadays sunglass is most essential accessory. Its not only protect your eyes from UV rays of Sunlight but also became a fashion illustrator. Whether it is a date or even a normal day outing, sunglasses are must have accessory which can not be missed. There are so many designs are available in market, so it is very difficult to find out best eyewear for your accessory collection.

Here we have selected some best sunglasses for her:

Retro Round Half Frame Sunglasses:

They represents a new retro look. The upper part in solid colour and the lower part is rimless. They came with multiple shape and design so choose the one which suit on your face shape.

Retro Round Half Frame Sunglasses
(Pic Source : Popmap)

Aviator Sunglasses:

They are all-time favourite because they are classic and stylish sunglasses. Aviator Sunglasses suits on almost every face shape, they are created using metal frames.

Aviator Sunglasses
(Pic Source :

Wayfarer Sunglass

These are full-rim sunglasses made of  polycarbonate frame which are lighter in weight and comfortable to wear.

Wayfarer Sunglass
(Pic Source : SelectSpecs)

Square Frame Sunglasses

It suits on round face, they are funky. They are designed of stylish plastic frame which are lightweight and durable and great eye protector too.

Square Frame Sunglasses
(Pic Source :

 Cat-Eye Sunglasses

These are highly fashionable sunglasses. It suits great on round and oval faces.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses
(Pic Source : ZeroUV)

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