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Best way to utilize your free time

Done with your exams and awaiting results, long term vacations and you just can’t spend your time, then here we have a whole lot of things you can do to utilize your time in the best possible way.

1. Skill enhancement courses.

One month is a lot of time which can be effectively put into use by joining various skill enhancement courses as per your area of interest. Some of these courses are especially useful as they help you build a strong CV that can enhance your job prospects.

2. Language course

Knowing more than one language not only enhances your CV but also gives a sense of self confidence to you. It improves your personality and attributing to fast pacing globalization it’s really helpful to know one foreign language. Of late, Spanish is a major market in India.

3. Internships

There are so many startup companies coming up that employs a large number of freshers, students from various stream and provide them with a month long or even more internships in various areas. Joining such internships not only keeps you indulged but also opens to you a world of opportunities and helps a lot in moulding your career choice. Such internships can be unpaid or paid.

4. Research projects

Academic enthusiasts, this is the best time for you to carry a research work on your subject and find as much about it as you can.

5. Join an NGO

‘Service to mankind is service to God’! Join an NGO and use yourself to serve the people of the society that certainly will give you the most pleasure. Teaching underprivileged students, cleanliness campaigns, helping the workers and so many other services are there which you can easily do in your vacations.

6. Build a hobby

If you already have a hobby you already are aware of it’s benefits. And if you don’t then you should surely work on it and develop a hobby, it not only keeps you busy but also gives you a kind of relief and will help you relax in your days off busy schedule.


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