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Best Ways to Get Rid of Ziddi Holi Colours from Face and Scalp

Holi is fun filling and joyous festival but after playing Holi, we see that our face and scalp, in fact whole body is stained with colours.

So, here are some tips in which one can get rid of the colours in the effective manner.

Here are the home remedies…

1. Coconut Oil and Cream

Make sure to apply coconut oil to hairs and cream to face, 1 hour prior when you are playing Holi. Never use hot water on colours as it will solidify the colours even more.

(Pic Source - Meraki Lane)
(Pic Source : Meraki Lane)

2. Egg Yolk and Curd Hair treatment

Apply egg yolk or curd for 45 minutes, on holi coloured scalp and hairs and after that rinse with mild shampoo. This will help in removing the colour more easily and effectively.

(Pic Source – Home Triangle)
(Pic Source : Home Triangle)

3. Lemon and Curd for Face

For removal of the colour on the face, apply a paste of lemon juice, curd and besan. Leave for five minutes and remove, this will help in removing the colour.

(Pic Source – style craze)
(Pic Source : style craze)

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent oil in removing the Holi colours and is also a natural skin moisturiser. You can also apply lemon wedges for colour removal.

(Pic Source :
(Pic Source :

5. Sesame Seed Oil

You can also use nutty sesame seed oil, for the removal of the colours from the face and the body. You only massage gently on your face and body and the colours will be removed.

(Pic Source – the health
(Pic Source : the health

6. Multani Mitti

Apply paste of Multani Mitti or Fuller clay, mixed with rose water, will help in the removal of the colours. If you have Chandan or Sandalwood powder also, then mix and apply as this will also remove colours.

(Pic Source – beauty glimpse )
(Pic Source : beauty glimpse )

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